Cash flow for business

Business cash flow is the life blood of any business and it’s what enables business owners to scale their ventures. Start-up costs for any business are substantial and often rely on personal finances, it’s good practice to have a business plan that sets out short, medium and long term goals to track financial forecasts.

When a business is fully operational it becomes easier to monitor cash flow and to identify what works and what doesn’t work and what generates the most profit. At this stage investing time and money into that part of the business is key to scaling and growing.

There’s different options for business owners who need investment. We encourage businesses to look at all of them and to consider timescales and key objectives. What sort of investment does your business need? How quickly does your business need a cash injection to grow? What are your short and long term goals?

Business Finance

Business finance is a good way to grow and expand your business. Working out how much profit comes from each product or asset and calculating how much income five new lines or five new assets would generate makes finance a viable, quick and low risk option.

When considering finance there’s different funding solutions that are designed to suit different people and businesses as well as cash injections depending on what stage the business is at.

Moorgate Finance offers specialist advice to different sectors. Our knowledge and insight comes from years of working with UK businesses to support their business needs and operations as well as immersing ourselves in those industries to recognise trends and to identify the best tools to support them.

We work with different sectors, one example is our support to UK breweries. In a recent article in The Brewers Journal our Sales Director, Adam Drawwater, talks about the change in consumer behaviour following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and how we’ve been able to create unique solutions to not only help maintain activities but to help them grow during that time. You can read the full article along with case studies here: