The Platinum Jubilee, What Does It Mean For UK Business?

With the UK set to celebrate the platinum jubilee in style, we look at what that means for UK business.

It’s an historic occasion, marking 70 years of the queens reign. It’s also a significant moment for business. The first supermarket opened the year before her reign when she was just 24 years old, online retail was a long way off and technology has changed considerably.

It’s been five decades of enormous social change and development. Just as business has become more digital, diverse and green during that time, it’s likely the celebrations will reflect those trends too.

Set to be a big event in history, some of Britain’s most well known brands are recognising it as an opportunity to not only celebrate the queen but to build their brand by partnering with this once-in-a- lifetime event.

Representing diverse sectors including retail, fashion, hospitality, culture, media, travel and business. They include Moët & Chandon, M&S, Fortnum & Mason, Burberry, Waitrose and John Lewis to name a few.

What does is mean for SME’s?

It’s not only the big players who are capitalising on the jubilee weekend. After what feels like a gruelling few years during COVID-19, it’s offering SME’s particularly in the retail, leisure, travel and tourism industries the opportunity to maximise sales. Merchandise is selling out, restaurants and events are fully booked and travel restrictions have been relaxed for the occasion.

It’s without a doubt one of the highlights of this years calendar, with 1,458 public events and 1,775 street parties or private events officially registered. The country will spend £823 million celebrating the bank holiday weekend. With sales up on quintessential products like Pimms by more than 260% on this time last year and the UK economy set for a £6.37 billion boost.

Following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, Moorgate Finance have been proud to find funding solutions for British businesses across retail, leisure, travel and tourism alongside all the other sectors we support.

Our close relationship with industry sectors has enabled us to create bespoke packages that have seen UK businesses not only maintain operations but grow post lockdown. As well as celebrating the queens jubilee we will be celebrating the success of the people and businesses we’ve worked with, our partners and the team at Moorgate Finance.

The Platinum Jubilee, a unique moment in the history of the nation, will hopefully be a symbol of our economic recovery and renaissance. If you’re a UK business looking to grow your operations contact our specialist team to find out what options are available to you:

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