Are you thinking about starting up your own poultry farm?

Or maybe you’re already running one but want to know how to make it a success.

Follow our 4 top tips on how we think you can make your farm a success.

1. Feed Your Chickens Properly

When running your own poultry farm it’s important to give your chickens proper nutrition to keep them fit and healthy.

You can do this by ensuring the feed you buy has a good nutritional value and provide extra minerals where needed.

For example, many people provide additional calcium to their chickens to help avoid any joint problems that can arise.

2. Keep Drinking Water Clean

It’s so important to keep drinking water and storage containers clean in order to run a successful poultry farm.

The most common diseases on these farms are often found in drinking water.

So ensure you check the storage containers, bowls and water to avoid contamination.

3. Check The Chickens Daily

To be able to run a successful poultry farm you should make sure you are checking on your chickens regularly.

You might realise that there is something else they need and you should cater for this as soon as possible.

Alternatively, completing regular checks will enable you to notice any illness or problems in any of the chickens.

You should act as soon as you notice something is wrong in order to stop contamination.

4. Choose The Right Type Of Chickens

Always do your research before making any chicken purchases!

You should also establish the goals of your farm while conducting your research.

Make sure you identify what chickens are easy or difficult to look after and which will be best at achieving your farms goals.

Moorgate Agricultural can offer advice and funding solutions when it comes to expanding your poultry farm.

They can also provide finance for feed, so there is no need to purchase poor feed for your chickens.

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