Whether you own many horses or you’re buying your first we know how exciting purchasing a horse is.

However, we all know the horse purchase is only the very beginning of a stream of expenses.

We’ve put together a list of all the hidden costs that come with owning a horse.


Many people often think feeding a horse is very cheap because all they eat is grass and hay.

However, during the summer when your horse is feeding on pasture alone you need to ensure you have enough grassy acres.

You will probably have to have extra acres in order to allow rotation when one area becomes overgrazed.

Hay prices are affected by lots of outside factors, such as the weather, so prices will vary.

Consider purchasing your hay in the summer ready for the winter to avoid shortages and increased costs.

Hoof Care

Don’t forget all horses must see the farrier every six to eight weeks, even if they go barefoot or wear shoes.

Visiting the farrier regularly for trims will keep your horse comfortable and prevent lameness.

Your farrier could even spot hoof and leg issues before they become big problems.

It’s important to get recommendations for farriers and cutting costs will not benefit your horse.

Do not prolong time between farrier visits in attempt to save money because it will lead to damaged hooves or lameness.

Veterinary Care

We would all hope that you will only need to see your vet a couple of times a year for vaccinations and a checkup.

However, it’s common that your horse will get into a situation that requires veterinary care at least once in your life together.

You should consider keeping an emergency fund for your horse in case any emergencies arise.

It’s always better to plan ahead then wait until an emergency happens and you don’t know what to do.

Equipment & Clothing

Once your start owning a horse you will realise how many pieces of equipment or items of clothing there are.

You should always buy a saddle, grooming tools, fly control products, first aid supplies and all of the other little bits and pieces.

Consider purchasing used equipment if the items are still of good quality, to help you save some cash.

Don’t rush into buying loads of different items which you think are essential before they are needed.


Finding someone to look after your horse is certainly not as easy as getting someone to feed your cat while you’re away.

If your heading on holiday it’s important to find someone who is comfortable around horses and knowledgeable about their well-being.

Look out for other horse-owning neighbours, perhaps you could work out an agreement with them.

If not, be prepared to pay an experience horse carer to look after your horse – it will be expensive but will be good peace of mind.

How can Moorgate Equestrian help?

Moorgate Equestrian Finance can help you to spread the cost of all of this.

We can provide loans to help you purchase feed, equipment, clothing and even help you cover those expensive vet bills.

Get in touch today for some advice from one of our equestrian professionals.

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