Starting up a brewery has become an exciting business venture for many.

However, it’s important to have a solid business plan before making any big decisions or spending lots of money.

We’ve listed five important things to consider when starting up your brewery.

Planning a Brewery

No matter its size or age, every single brewery once started as just a business plan.

Key factors to consider when planning your brewery are: watch your finances, review your business plan often and if you don’t have a plan yet you must make one.

You should have a commitment to the brewing industry, because this will help you succeed more than money will.

And remember every relationship you make throughout the planning stages is important to keep hold of.

Finding a Brewery Location

The location of where you plan to open your brewery is a crucial decision.

Always consider where is a good area for a brewery to be located and where will attract customers.

 Do your homework before you make your final decision to make sure you can establish a successful brewery there.

Choosing Brewery Equipment

When choosing your brewery equipment figure out how much you’ll need to have in production at a time to be profitable.

Moorgate Brewery Finance can help you to fund all the necessary equipment you need to start your brewery.

From barrels, mash tuns and fermenters to steam boilers, centrifuges and canning lines.

Build a Relationship with the Local Community

Building a good reputation in the local area is one of the most important things when trying to become a successful brewer.

Make sure you employ a great team of trusted staff to welcome your customers and provide a good experience.

Take chances and be open to new opportunities – let your local community have a say in what could make your brewery better.

Funding a Brewery

Starting up your own brewery sounds like a great business adventure, but you need to have the funds to make it successful.

Moorgate Brewery Finance can help you to obtain the funds you need to get your brewery up and running.

Contact a brewery specialist for more information and advice!

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