There are many businesses that have been set up by individuals and are running successfully, however many business start ups still fail.

Many factors can contribute to the failure of a start up business, but many can be avoided.

With a good business plan and the right financial support there is no reason why your start up business can not continue to success.

Here are 6 reasons why start up businesses fail and how it can be avoided:

1. Lack of passion

A lack of passion can lead to the failure of a start up business no matter how good the business idea is.

2. Poor marketing 

It is vital a business has a good website and social media presence for it to be successful. You should get to know your target audience and what grabs their attention, this will ultimately lead to sales.

3. Product mistimed

It’s always important to consider when you are releasing a product or opening a business. If a product is released too early your customers may not think it is good enough, however if you spend too long building on the product you may miss the opportunity in the market.

4. Competitors

There might be many other businesses with similar ideas to yours, but you should not ignore them completely. Healthy competition is a good tool to make you work harder and make improvements to your business.

5. Lack of planning

When starting up a business it is important you have a business plan. Without a realistic and accurate business plan it is more likely a start up business will fail. A successful plan will include some of the following; a vision and targets for the business, potential problems, market analysis and promotional activities, plus many more.

6. Running out of cash

One major reason start up businesses fail is because they run out of cash, this often happens if management fails to achieve targets. At Moorgate Finance we can offer you start up capital to help with all the extras that come with starting up a business which you may not have initially thought of.

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