Supporting British Farmers

The Farmers Guardian reported that Defra has made a conscious decision to allow up to a quarter of the UK’s least efficient farms to go into liquidation following Brexit, raising concerns for the future of family farming. The British people are extremely proud of our locally produced food and traditional farming methods, recognising the contribution to rural life and the countryside. Unfortunately, there are many farmers who are already struggling. Countryfile Live recently featured farmers who ‘lost everything because of the way, they say, they were treated by the bank,’ going on to recognise their concerns that ‘cash-poor farmers, who are still rich in assets such as land, buildings and machinery could be targeted next.’

The Agricultural team at Moorgate Agricultural Finance talk to farmers and people in the industry daily who need help understanding the different options available to them. Josh our Agricultural Account Manager said, ‘there are many ways we can help farmers to release equity to improve a farms cash flow, reduce the payments they are currently making, spread the cost of machinery, equipment and livestock and to look at ways to help them diversify.’

Unfortunately, farmers are currently unaware of their options and having been let down by their banks and other financial services they are reluctant to seek further advice. We have put a guide together to help farmers avoid falling victim to big corporations and to help them increase their farms productivity.

Moorgate Agricultural Team

Agricultural Account Manager
Joshua Letten
Moorgate Agricultural Account Manager
Elliot Tufnail

Livestock Finance

Countryfile Live reported the devastating impact the falling price of milk is having on our dairy farmers, suggesting the ‘the UK’s dairy farmers are in crisis, with as many as half of dairy farmers going out of business in the last 10 years.’ For some it means they are now getting only 25 pence-per-litre for their product, with production costing a lot more. Find out more about Livestock Finance below….

Refinance of Farm Equipment and Machinery

For farmers who are ‘cash-poor’ refinancing farm equipment or machinery could be a good option, it essentially means freeing up the cash value from assets already owned within a farm business, injecting much needed capital in other areas. This might sound like a risky option, however, if a farmer can access a good finance rate they will pay low monthly repayments. The profit they make from reinvesting the money helps them pay off the finance in lump sums as well as having money left over to reinvest. Find out more about refinancing farm equipment and machinery below…

Farm Diversification

Why diversify?

At the moment many farmers are engaged with only one or two types of agricultural enterprises, due to varying conditions and circumstances, entire businesses can stagnate. Especially with uncertainties around Brexit it’s impossible to secure a reliable and predictable income. In the meantime, all taxes, expenses and overheads need to be supported. Since there is no solid cash flow available it puts farmers who are not cash rich under a lot of pressure. Find out more about farm diversification below…

Self Storage

Moorgate Agricultural Finance have seen a record number of farmers purchasing self-storage units (containers) to rent out. Why? Because it offers farmers the opportunity to develop a profitable business without the commitment of investing a lot of time and energy into managing the business. Find out more here…

Moorgate Agricultural Finance

Moorgate Agricultural Finance offers a service to farmers to help them develop their business. As well as offering advice and guidance on the above we can help with the products and services listed below. For more information contact us….

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