The brewery industry is becoming very competitive as more independent companies are starting out.

Of course, when creating a brew the most important thing is that the product looks and tastes great.

However, if you want to beat the competition creating a unique label design is essential.

To be successful your branding must stand out from other products and draw in customers.

Remember, this design is everything your business will stand for so make sure it represents the quality beer you have created.

Creating your brand identity should not be a quick process and it should involve a lot of careful planning.

After all, the appearance of your product and how it’s marketed is what will attract new customers.

This is before they even know how delicious your product is so it has to be appealing on the eye.

All of the biggest brewing companies have started from the bottom, but with good marketing and branding they have become successful.

Note, branding that usually looks of high-value appearance in those that have a silver, gold and mirror finish.

A good tip to take on board when designing your label is to add texture by embossing sections of it.

This texture draws people to pick up the product from the shelf which might ultimately lead to a sale.

If you’re a startup brewery and need extra funds for equipment, planning expansion or setting up a craft bar Moorgate Brewery Finance can help.

This gives you the extra time to design your branding, rather than worrying about your finances.

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