The uncertainty over Brexit has us all wondering what the future may hold.

And it’s no secret that the brewing industry might be affected just like every other business sector.

But it’s important not to wait around and get prepared for the future now.

So what options are available to you? Taprooms! Could they be the answer?

Name a place better to enjoy a pint of beer than in the premises right where it was brewed.

Taprooms are the place to meet the people behind the brew of your favourite pint.

A bar where your favourite brewery can get 100% of the profit from that drink you just paid for.

What’s in it for the brewer?

In times where pubs are struggling to stay alive, establishing a taproom could be the answer to your prayers.

And for the new start-up breweries a taproom will not only be a showcase of your finest brews, but it might become your lifeline.

This is the perfect business opportunity for you to build a reputation for your beers and showcase their individuality.

We understand that establishing a taproom is not a cheap or quick decision you can make.

However, there are many funding options available to help with the development of your business.

Spreading the cost of your taproom by opting for finance payments will save cash for you to spend elsewhere.

The money you make back in taproom and canned sales on weekends will cover these monthly payments alone.

But what’s the downside to a taproom?

Well, trade will fluctuate depending on your customers and whether they get out to drink as much this month as they did last month.

You will relay on your customers for sales so make your establishment a place where they want to meet their friends and have a drink.

With the right branding and community engagement you can ensure an influx of customers.

In the UK there are over 2000 breweries and many of which are planning to set up their own taproom, if they haven’t done so already.

New start-up breweries have noticed how it makes sense to form their very own taproom from day one.

After all, why not take immediate control of all that profit you make from your beer sales?

Right now, it’s important not to sink into the background, compete with your fellow brewers at a time where you are going to need to.

Taprooms are just one business idea to help you grow your profits and keep your brewery alive in competitive times.

Could this be the answer for your brewery? Well maybe…

If you would like to find out how you can establish a taproom visit our full case study here.

Or contact one of our brewery specialists on 01908 92 62 62!