There are over 18,000 active equestrian businesses in Great Britain, the majority are small or medium sized that are run by people who have an interest in horses rather than business. With lower than average profit margins than comparable businesses in other sectors and with an uneven playing field in terms of VAT, business rates and land use planning; cash flow can be a real problem at certain times of the year.

Despite some challenges, the equestrian industry contributes significantly to the economy and with strategies in place to grow the sector, there is no better time to start or develop a lucrative business.

In the equestrian industry it is estimated that- 

  • Its gross output is £3.4 billion
  • It employs up to 250,000 people directly and indirectly
  • 2.4 million people ride
  • 11 million people have some interest in the horse industry and 5 million have an active interest
  • The horse industry totals nearly 1 million

To ensure the success of the industry, small businesses and riding schools should become more competitive. To become more competitive they should: 

  1. Work closely with related businesses
  2. Develop links with local authorities
  3. Develop their facilities to ensure they are more attractive to potential customers 

For example, in the ‘Strategy for the Horse Industry in England and Wales,’ Defra reported the need for better breeding and facilities across the industry, including at studs. Like most equestrian businesses, it is cyclical and experiences extended periods of low revenue throughout the year but continues to incur expenses for stud fees, board and training, veterinary and farrier care, wages, insurance, transportation and so on.

Moorgate Equestrian Finance provides advice and guidance to help increase cash flow throughout the year, enabling studs to subsidise their sporadically generated income and repay the full amount from horse sales. This method can be applied to most equestrian businesses with various repayment options available. 

However, with 96% of equestrians enjoying the sport for pleasure and requiring finance for a personal mortgage, ménage, horsebox or even a horse, Moorgate Equestrian Finance can provide smaller finance options as well as personal loans and refinance options. We have an established equestrian department that have developed industry knowledge and insight to be able to give you the best possible recommendations. For more information please fill out our enquiry form..


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