Farming UK reports ‘financial pressures from supermarket price wars, delayed basic payments, volatile markets and the fall in milk prices are contributing to British farmers racking up record debts.’ In summary, British farmers are experiencing cash flow pressures as they face some of the toughest market conditions in recent times.

The NFU is calling for ‘the UK government and those across the banking industry to work with the European Investment Bank to take a fresh look at the way in which they deal with the cash flow crisis.’ With a portfolio of new and existing customers, Moorgate Agricultural Finance are working hard to provide British farmers with the best advice possible and to explain the different funding options available to them and their businesses.

Whilst the current cash flow crisis is putting farmers under pressure, UK farming has a healthy future. British produce is recognised as being high quality and there is a growing interest in buying locally produced food. On top of that, following the uncertainty of Brexit, many farmers are choosing to diversify enabling them to generate more income through innovative businesses.

The Prince’s Countryside Fund’s recommends-

1. Improved communication and collaboration between suppliers, banks and farm businesses focusing on the immediate needs to help with budgeting and managing repayments.

2. The financial pressures now being experienced require farmers to have a higher level of business skills than has been necessary in the past. More farmers are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities to improve their skills in businesses planning and financial management.

How can we help?

Asset Finance for Farmers

It’s not just struggling or new start farmers we can help, established farmers often purchase their agricultural equipment, machinery and vehicles on a lease, hire purchase contract hire due to the excellent tax benefits of doing so, avoiding using the farms money that could be better used elsewhere or for cash flow purposes. There is no asset on a farm we can’t fund, with over 50+ lenders on our books there’s various options that can be tailored to find the best solution for each farm. 

Unsecured Loans

Using high street banks can be time consuming, especially for farmers who are working to tight deadlines. An unsecured loan isn’t as cheap as other loans, however, we aim to have money in our farmers accounts within 24- 27 hours avoiding major setbacks. From 10k up to 500k borrowing capability over a maximum of 7 years, the money can be used for cash back into the farm, feed, seed, livestock, deposits, VAT bills and so on. 

Secured Loans

A lot of farmers are asset rich but they often lack money for cash flow purposes. We can conduct a complete financial review and secure longer term loans against land and property. We can provide these finance options over a period of up to 20 years. 


99% of farmers have assets, such as tractors and trailers, that can be refinanced enabling equity release. This is a popular option throughout the farming community as it’s not only tax efficient but the process is fast and cost effective too.


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