The sun is shining and we can finally say those winter days are well behind us.

Without a doubt the summer season is definitely the best time of the year to spend with your horses and be out in the yard.

Here are 10 ways you can get your equestrian yard ready for this summer season.

Give your stables a good clean

Giving your stables a good clean has to be your first job.

Keeping your horses in a yard that’s full of dust and clutter is a fire hazard and can also cause harm to your horses respiratory system.

It’s even recommended that you power-wash all the stables and wash the windows.

And why not consider giving your stables a fresh paint?

After all, seeing the finished result will make you feel super happy!

Check all your tack

All this sunshine can make your leather become very stiff, however you can prevent this from happening.

If you dress your leather tack in a high-quality leather dressing that will keep it flexible and weatherproof.

You can even take your tack home to stop the weather affecting it’s quality.

Take precautions to prevent flies

We all know how biting flies are a massive pain throughout the summer season, so why not take precautions to prevent them from returning.

An easy thing to do is make sure to buy lots of fly repellent sprays and wash all your fly sheets and masks.

You should also remove standing water because it could provide a home for mosquitoes.

Most importantly keep your muck heap well away from your stables!

Give your grooming tools a scrub

Why not treat your horse to some new brushes for the summer?

Your horse will be changing their coat, so you should ensure you are washing your grooming kit.

Check your yards gutters

This is a quick and easy task to do in order to make sure your yard is perfectly clean.

After the winter we’ve had your gutters might be full of leaves and dirt so get them cleared if necessary.

Fencing & Fields

This has to be the most important task to do when getting your yard ready for the summer.

Check all your fences are standing strong with no damage to ensure the field is safe for your horse to venture out into.

You should also harrow and roll your fields to make sure there is a good supply of grass for your horses.

REMEMBER: If you’re going to spray your paddocks with weed killer do this at least six weeks before.

Give the feed room a tidy

The summer weather will have different affects on your feed from the winter weather, so be sure to follow all precautions.

It’s important to dispose of any out of date feed and remove damaged bins to prevent contamination from vermin.

You could put an order in now for next winter if your hay supply is running low, this means you don’t face any problems next year if there is a shortage.

Stock up your first aid kit

While you’re sorting the rest of your yard why not replenish your first aid kit?

Check all your medication dates and restock your bandages and supplies.

Clean your rugs

Get rid of all the winter mud that has piled up on your stable rugs and turnout rugs.

Send them away to get professionally cleaned so they’re ready for the winter.

Check your fire extinguishers

Always remember to check if your fire extinguishers are in good condition and have had a recent service.


We know that the summer season usually requires less hours of work for horse owners, however it’s important your yard is prepared for all the heat and sunshine.

If you need assistance with replacing fences, equipment or feed Moorgate Equestrian Finance can help.

You can contact us on 01908 92 62 62 for more advice and guidance.

Happy Summer!