Are you an embroidery business that outsources their embroidery services?

Have you considered purchasing an embroidery machine so you can bring those services in house?

Many companies are unaware of the huge savings purchasing an embroidery machine could bring their business.

The best way to expand your embroidery business is to purchase your own machine.

This creates a new service your business can offer and cuts those expensive outsourcing fees.

Many businesses can’t afford to stop using other companies services due to cash flow, but with the help of finance they can.

Moorgate Finance were able to help one embroidery company purchase a high-end Tajima machine.

The company was spending around £4000 every month to get another business to do their embroidery work.

However, by financing their own machine they were able to scrap the £4000 outsourcing costs.

The machine has enabled them to take on more contracts which increased their monthly profit by £2000.

Whilst their monthly payments for the machine are just £251.60 a month.

They are now planning to purchase another Tajima machine so they can take on even more contracts and increase their profit further.

We have a specialist supplier that can help us work with you to find the right product for your business.

Whether it’s a multi-head or a single-head machine we can help you.

For more information download the full business case here.

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