Have you always wanted to open your own tanning salon?

Or do you own a salon but you’re struggling to find the funds to update your equipment?

Many people are unaware of the finance options available which can help with the purchase of beauty shop facilities.

When opening your shop it’s important not to cut corners with the quality of your equipment.

Not only will your customers notice but you will also have to charge less for the services you are offering.

Moorgate Finance were able to help one start-up beauty shop purchase two premium sunbeds.

Investing in high-quality sunbeds meant our client could increase their tanning prices from 50p per minute to £1.

Whereas other new tanning salons would only be able to charge their clients 50p a minute.

They were even able to cover the monthly finance payments by selling one hour a week of tanning time on each bed.

The purchase of the premium sunbeds has meant the salon has had a huge increase in customers.

Meaning they now plan to purchase more sunbeds to expand their services even further.

Whether you’re looking for a new or used sunbed we can help you.

For more information download the full business case here.

Or contact our specialist Eshna Harper on 01908 039 481