If you could start up your own business what would it be? For an increasing number of people choosing to run a vineyard is becoming a popular choice.

In 2016 applications to open vineyards in the UK spiked by 40% and has continued to grow ever since.

This figure isn’t surprising because of the large desire for wine in the UK.

Why set up a vineyard?

Many people start wineries because they get satisfaction from seeing their wine on the shelf and enjoy the escape to the country appeal.

However, the wine making process can be an uncertain one because of weather, timing and patience. Especially, when living in the UK the weather is constantly changing and can never be predicted.

Although, the recent rising temperatures and longer warmer autumns have been helping these businesses to flourish.

The land you choose to start your vineyard on can vary from just a few acres to large commercial wineries.

However, the type of soil, height above sea level, exposure to wind and frost and climate should all be assessed before making a decision to buy the land.

Moorgate Vineyard specialists can offer expert advice before you make that final land purchase, as well as assisting you with finance.

Many successful winery owners suggest it is better to find land and start planting from scratch. Instead of buying an established vineyard that could possibly never produce the product you want.

To run a vineyard successfully it’s important to do your research before making any changes.

Plan ahead for unexpected problems when designing your vineyard, for example deer and birds can easily ruin your vines. Ensure you have 6-8 ft tall fences and use netting to keep birds away.

Moorgate Vineyard Finance can provide you with funding to get the equipment you need in order to set up a suitable vineyard.

In the UK there are currently 4,940 acres of land occupied by vineyards which will run for an estimated 25-30 years.

For some vineyard owners they have taken over the wineries from their parents so they have been in the industry all their lives.

Over the next few years there’s no doubt we will see more vineyards popping up in the UK.

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