Being an agricultural contractor often involves a lot of long hours and hard work.

As well as that, it might seem that no matter how much you work you can never increase your monthly profit.

However, it’s not impossible…

Have you thought about improving your offering as an agricultural contractor?

Many people are unaware of just how beneficial purchasing their own machinery could be for them.

And, it doesn’t have to be an expensive choice with a suitable finance payment plan.

Moorgate Agricultural helped one contractor purchase their own used tractor which enabled them to make more money.

The client was able to increase their hourly charge out rate from £12 per hour to as much as £35.

This resulted in their income increasing by over £7000 after just one month of harvest.

Our client borrowed a total of £28,00 for a used tractor with 175HP.

The tractor is capable of most day to day farming activities, so it has opened a range of options for what this contractor can offer.

And due to their increase of services they have been able to take on even more contracts.

The monthly payments for the tractor cost our client £933.27.

However, this cost is just 13% of their increased earnings over harvest.

In just one month of harvest our contractor earned a total of £10,780.

Although, he had to work a total of 77 hours a week in order to make up this amount of money.

So it goes without saying that purchasing machinery will not decrease your hours of work.

However, it will give you more options and increase business.

If you would like advice on what machinery would be suitable for you get in touch.

Or for more information on how we helped this one client visit our case study here.

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