Invoice Discounting

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We look after your cash flow, so you can focus on running your business

Having large sums of cash ‘tied up’ in your debtors can seriously limit your business growth. Invoice discounting is an effective way of improving your cash flow by immediately releasing cash from your invoices.

Invoice discounting is un-disclosed, your customers will not be aware that you’re using it, the facility is confidential. You retain full control of your sales ledger and customer relationship.

In addition to helping your cash flow for the day to day running of your business, injecting cash from an Invoice Discounting facility could help you save money by paying your suppliers early & securing discounts on their invoices.

It’s as easy as….

Step One

Send us your invoice electronically, we’ll release the funds.

Step Two

When your customers have paid, we’ll release the remaining funds, minus our fee.

Step Three

We recalculate the funds available to you– so you always know where you are.

Benefits Include….

Generates up to 90% of the value of your sales invoices – immediately

Confidential – customers will be unaware that you are using an invoice discounting facility

Boosts your working capital

Provides a facility that grows with your business

Can help you secure supplier discounts by paying them early

You continue to do your own credit control and collect your own debts

Bad Debt Protection Available

Key Sectors….

Manufacturers and wholesalers

Contractors in the construction sector

Transport firms





Business services providers

Bad Debt Protection Available