With Invoice Finance you can finally say hello to quick cash & growth

Does your business suffer from cash-flow issues due to long payment terms or late-paying clients? If so, you might want to consider invoice financing.

Invoice financing allows companies to borrow money against the value of invoices due from customers. Typically, you can receive up to 85% of the value straight away and the remaining amount (minus any charges) when the customer pays the invoice.

Invoice finance can be a great option if you have many corporate or SME customers who have long payment terms or tend to pay as late as possible. It’s a great finance option for plugging holes in cashflow.

Essentially, invoice financing allows a business to get paid immediately for the products provided and invoiced, so that the cash can be put back in the business at a quicker rate.

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Invoice Financing

2 Different Types

There are two primary forms of invoice finance, being invoice factoring and discounting.

  • Invoice Factoring is ideal for businesses wanting to bridge the cashflow gap but without the hassle of collecting payments
  • Invoice Discounting is for businesses looking for cashflow support whilst still keeping control of their invoicing and debt collection processes

1. Get immediate access to cash without needing a loan

2. You can apply for Invoice Finance in hours

3. Feel better about big projects

4. Business growth

5. Reduce the risk of late payments and bad debts

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