MP’s will vote on a no-deal Brexit this evening following Theresa May’s huge defeat last night.

The Prime Ministers Brexit deal was voted against by 391 to 247.

But, industry experts warn Britain’s organic food industry could be ruined overnight if a no-deal Brexit is decided.

Certified organic meat, vegetables and even beer will have their green credentials taken away if the country leaves the EU without a deal.

The EU will then have to formally recognise UK organic product standards and accept them as equivalent to EU standards.

Without recognition for UK organic standards the NFU believes organic products for the EU market will have to be sold as conventional.

This would lose the premiums they need in order to cover high production costs.

Around 8% of the UK’s 2.3 billion organic markets go abroad, including mainly EU countries.

The Brexit uncertainty is already taking European customers from organic producers because they are looking for reliable suppliers.

And Government has reported that UK organic produce will not be recognised in the EU without a deal.

Resulting in huge concerns over widespread losses in the months to come.

But for the past eight years British organic sales have been consistently growing.

However, in the event of a no-deal Brexit there is a big chance organic exports to the EU could become completely impossible.