Moorgate Agricultural Finance are industry specialists, who understand agriculture, its complexities and know how to ease the burden of obtaining finance.

Our team of experts can fund anything from tractors, balers and trailers, to livestock purchases, feed, fertiliser.

Recently we have worked to secure pullet finance for landowners operating in the poultry industry.

Our team also work heavily in the renewables sector, including funding for solar PV, biomass CHP and voltage optimisation.

Moorgate Agricultural are currently working on projects for the construction of bio-gas plants through using asset finance and secured funding.

They’ve also had lots of experience with anaerobic digesters which involves the process of turning bi-products into a methane gas.

Many poultry farmers or those working within the pig sector are choosing to put their waste products and materials back into their own anaerobic digester system.

This is a process which Moorgate Agricultural can help to fund.

Another product the team specialise in is renewable lighting.

LED lighting systems for poultry houses is a very popular product which many farmers choose to take a finance on.

Moorgate have also worked with large companies and landed estates to help them fund wind turbines and help with the construction phase.

We tailor finance packages to suit every individual farmer needs and understand the difference between breeding livestock, growing crops and planting bricks.

For more information contact Josh Letten on 01908 92 62 62 or