Why rent your scaffolding when you can own it?

Are you spending thousands of pounds every month to rent your scaffolding? Have you ever considered buying your own?

We recently helped one scaffolding company secure their own scaffolding which saved the business over £1000 a month!

Our client now has the flexibility of owning their own scaffolding and doesn’t have to pay over £2000 every month on scaffolding rentals.

Since owning their own scaffolding, the business has been able to take on even more contracts than ever before which has helped their business to grow.

Download the full business case below to find out how you can save up to nearly £12,000 every year by buying your own scaffolding.


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    JR&M Scaffolding

    “We didn’t realise we could finance scaffolding equipment. Brian got this sorted quickly, saving us money on weekly rental costs. This opportunity is a game changer for our business.”

    John Forsyth, JR&M Scaffolding

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