In Britain a kennels and cattery business is of high demand as the nation is full of dog and cat lovers.

Owners regularly leave their animals because of work commitments or holidays, so this is a great business opportunity. 

Pets will only be left by their owner in grand premises, so a luxurious kennels and cattery is important.

Starting a kennel and cattery business is one that requires the most passionate cat and dog lovers.

The business will not be successful without working long hours and 100% commitment.

An animal care course or gaining experience in a kennels or cattery is a great way to get a feel for the job.

A kennels and cattery business is not easy to start up or maintain, as ongoing costs are very expensive.

It’s difficult to find accommodation or housing for the kennels or cattery business without spare cash or land.

Before you can start the business you must have a Animal Boarding Establishments Licence.

However, the licence will only be obtained if you can prove animals will be kept in suitable and safe conditions.

If this sounds like a dream business Moorgate Finance can provide you with finance.

From buying the premises to essential equipment you need to run a successful kennels and cattery, we can have it covered.

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