Thank You Later

thanks – we look forward to receiving your information

We have sent you an email detailing what we need to process your application. We can accept all information by email. With things like ID & utility bills, if it’s easier, please feel free to send them via Whatsapp to your Account Manager when they get in touch.

In the meantime, if you would like some information about how finance could work for this purchase or how you can use finance elsewhere in your business please have a look at some of the below documents.

What type of Finance do I want?
Lease vs HP explainer PDF / video

How else can I improve cash-flow?
Invoice Finance explainer PDF / video

Reduce the cash-flow burden of my business investment
VAT Defferal explainer PDF / Video

Things to watch out for in the world of Asset Finance
Minimum term agreements 7 passing title charges PDF / Video