As part of the government’s infrastructure programme, £650 billion worth of projects have been committed to by 2025. The objective is to create ‘safe, healthy, efficient buildings using the latest digital manufacturing techniques.’ Imagine better designed and constructed buildings that were built with integrated energy generation and storage, meaning most people had zero energy bills or buildings designed ergonomically to increase the occupant’s productivity.

Unfortunately, UK Research and Innovation reported the challenges the sector is facing, suggesting ‘the way we create buildings has not changed in the last 40 years, and as a result has not seen the same productivity as other industries.’ That combined with an ageing workforce and a skill set crisis, it suggests the plans are ambitious to say the least.

What we do know is the construction industry underpins our economy and society. This includes the homes we live in, the schools and hospitals we rely on, and the offices, factories and transport and energy infrastructure that ‘keep the wheels of the industry turning.’ We are currently in the early stages of one of the greatest construction programmes in our history. The speed of this change, and the size of the opportunity, requires a construction sector that is the best in the world. Increasing productivity across the UK and opening significant global markets for efficient buildings.

By adopting best practices and investing in new technology, equipment and machinery; construction will be 50% faster, 33% cheaper and will half the lifetime of carbon emissions. It’s a lucrative time for companies to invest, with many ‘set in their ways’ and with contracts becoming more competitive, innovation is key to their success along with a continued commitment to partnership across the construction sector, with government bodies, universities, research institutions and local businesses. 

How can we help?

Innovate UK have committed to support businesses nationwide to help them realize the potential of new ideas, investing around £2.5 billion in businesses across the country, matched by £1.8 billion from the construction industry and seeing a return of £18 billion to the UK economy.

Moorgate Construction Finance funds Construction Projects in the UK. At such an exciting time in the economies growth we are able to offer advice and guidance to the sector as well as providing the best possible rates, enabling construction companies to invest in their future. For more information contact us:

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