Moorgate Equestrian Finance’s therapy focus for February is equine hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy has become increasingly popular in its use for rehabilitation of equine musculoskeletal injuries.

It is also used to help build and maintain fitness in some horses.

Water treadmills are one type of hydrotherapy for horses.

The following improvements have been observed in horses exercised on a water treadmill

  • Increase in stride length
  • Increased engagement of the core and hindquarters leading to build up of topline, gluteal and hamstring muscle groups.
  • Increase in joint range of motion
  • Increased cardiovascular endurance
  • Decrease in pain due to water temperature.

The water treadmill is a low intensity workout so is suitable for both fit horses and those that have previously been injured.

While horses are on the water treadmill they take bigger strides than they would on land, helping them to build muscle.

So that’s the facts… what about the finance?

Have you ever dreamed of installing therapy equipment on your yard? Or, maybe you’re looking to start a new business venture? Well Moorgate Equestrian Finance can help.

We have a range of industry suppliers on our books who can help us to find high quality suitable equipment to meet your every needs.

Moorgate Equestrian Finance can offer agreements over a term of 1-5 years and on lease or hire purchase agreement.

All of which are subject to credit checks and affordability.

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