Would you like a brand-new pair of wheels for the summer season, but are you worried about the cost of horseboxes?

We worked with an equestrian transport company to help them purchase a premium horsebox.

The horsebox created an extra business venture for the company and did not increase their monthly spend.

Our client already owned one horsebox so decided to put the older box out on the road as a self-drive horsebox.

The self-drive box was bringing in huge earnings of around £250 for a weekend and £120 for just one day.

So, affordability wasn’t something our client had to worry about with the purchase of a second horsebox.

The finance payments for the brand-new horsebox only worked out to just £198 a week.

Meaning the self-drive box only needed to be out on the road for two days in the week or once across the weekend.

The transport company now plans to add to their two horseboxes, so they can increase their income even further.

At first our client didn’t think they would even be able to afford the purchase of a second horsebox.

However, after a few conversations with our Moorgate Equestrian specialist we informed them of the options available to them.

Now with their new wheels they have been able to expand their business and increase their monthly income.


If you would like to find out how you can purchase a luxury horsebox visit our website.

Or contact our equestrian specialist Edward Smyth- Osbourne on 01908 039 484